The Aussie Christmas

Our Christmas eve

At the 24 of December me, Emelie, Amy and two of Amys friends from Sweden went to the Operahouse and ate a Christmas lunch and took some funny photos with Christmas hats with the operahouse and the harbourbridge as backgrounds. In the evening we went to the beach and ate Swedish Christmas food. Meatballs, herring, eggs, potato, sausages and so on. We had a very cosy evening.










The aussie Christmas day

At the 25 of December I went up seven o’clock to open the Christmas presents with my hostfamily and their relatives who are staying here for Christmas and New years. I had slept for about 4 hours. I got two dresses, some make-up, nail-polish, different kinds of creams and money to download music to my ipod, really girly and good presents;) thank u everyone. In Australia the Santa isn't coming and knocking at the door as he do in Sweden. The Santa has only been there the night before and put the presents under the Christmas tree, I most say I miss Santa, my dad;)

Then we cooked food, a lot of food – turkey, ham, sweet potato, pork, pumpkin and so on. It was really good! I actually have to say that I like the Australian Christmas food more than the Swedish but of course the Swedish Christmas food is something extraordinary. We also ate plumpudding with custard, (vaniljkram), and cream for dessert. One thing I found funny is The crackers party hats that they put on their heads, shaped as a king. Well, we do similar at Midsummer but still. I had a great Christmas day and I could for the first time in Sydney really feel some Christmas spirit.

In the evening I went to the Beach and sat and drank some beers with a few friends, yes, Sophia has learned how to drink beer, haha. I think Rachel, the irish girl, has inspired me a bit;) Then me and Jeanette went to an aussie afterparty.













Jeanette at the baech



Stupid girl lost her bike

At Christmas Day I took my bike to the beach and I did lock it, but not around something. I’ve left it like that before but only for a little while. I thought about getting it back home put after a few beers I thought it would be alright leaving it their and then we went to this afterparty and I remembered it the day after. So I went to the beach to get it back but it was gone:( leaving a bike at Christmas day at Bondi beach is probably not the best thing to do. It was crowded with people all day.


When not planning going out

The best nights can sometimes be when you are not planning to go out. I had been shopping during the day and then me and Emelie decided to meet in town. I had either met the other girls or had contact with them during the day and then everybody decided to come to the city and also a guy called Jack that loves Sweden, he lived there for one year and he can almost speak fluent, so weird but very impressive. Either I meet Swedish people or people who loves Sweden, isn’t it strange? We went to the three monkeys, a pub with many floors, and then we went to a place called Scubar. First we thought it was to crowded and you got beer all over you all the time but then when it was later there was more older people and not that crowded so we met people from California, Scotland, France and of course Sweden. Then we went to a after party and played billiards, I love that game.





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