Hm, ska man gora imorgon? Just de, se U2!!

Lagar numera sin egen mat

Lamm (typiskt australienskt), pasta med en god sallad och vin. Serverat med krustader. Mamma, jag kan laga mat bara jag vill;)


Da har man dragit ut en tand!

Har varit hos tandlakaren och tagit ut en visdomstand. Jag tyckte det var sa roligt nar de satte in bedovning, kandes sa himla konstigt/speciellt sa jag kunde inte sluta skratta. Tandlakaren sa att jag nog var den gladaste patienten han haft, haha. Fast sen var det inte sa roligt, de tog nog upp till 40 min att ta ut den vilket ar valdigt lange, for vissa tar de liksom 5 min. Han trodde aldrig den ville lossna. Sen har de gjort ganska ont. De gjorde stygn ocksa som jag far ta ut nasta vecka. De bloder himla mkt ocksa. Skulle ova med tjejerna pa luciataget men det blev det ju inget med for min del.



Kollade istallet pa tva filmer. Breakfast at Tiffanys och Simple Plan. Bada tva filmer att rekommendera. Valdigt olika dock. Breakfast at Tiffanys ar en film som fortfarande ar bra trots att den ar fran 1961. En film om en elegant vilsen dam (Audrey Hepburn) som moter en man som far henne att kanna sig mindre vilsen och finna karleken.

A simple plan handlar om hur tre vanliga manniskor hittar 4 miljoner dollar I ett stortat plan och hur langt manniskan kan ga nar det kommer till pengar, dar den som verkar mest mansklig och god turns out to be the most bad guy.

The hours is an other movie that I saw in Melbourne with Henry. It’s a movie that I really want to recommend. It’s a quite complex movie, it takes a time until you understand how it all fits together. This is how IMDB explains the movie: The story of how the novel "Mrs. Dalloway" affects three generations of women, all of whom, in one way or another, have had to deal with suicide in their lives.

I think there is so much more to ad to that though. See it!! Great actors as well. Such as Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore.



Ok, I am going to start writing on English because I want to improve it and I want that people from Australia will be able to read my blog and everyone else who wants to. Google Translate is going to be my best friend from now on. So, tomorrow I am going to see U2. A guy that I met had an extra ticket and asked me if I wanted to join him. U2!? Yes, please! It will probably be awesome. I got inside information from Lynda that have talked to Bonos manager, pretty cool, that Jay-Z is going to play before U2.

Christians Birthday Party

Last Saturday we celebrated Christian turning 3. I have never seen so many presents in my whole life and they had hired a jumping castle that we had in the garden, I did jump on it as well. There were mostly adults at the party though, we drank champagne and ate buffe. There were also a lot of cupcakes, of course. A very American like party.


The jumping castle




Christian loves ballons



Now we girls have singing Christmas songs in the Martin Luther church, the tradition is called Lucia. My host family were there and saw me singing, Christian thought it was funny.



Lite bilder fran forra helgens uteliv



Christmas tree made by bicycles




Postat av: Anonym

saknad. älskad. bäst = Sophia. min Sophia / M

2010-12-13 @ 13:25:43
Postat av: Sophia

ah, alskling. DU ar bast!! miss o too hun. pussar<3

2010-12-18 @ 08:18:00

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