Who is Lachlan Murdoch?



A concert that I give 7 out of 10 stars. They started with It’s a beautiful day, which is one of my favourite songs.



Kayak and Kangaroo, KK?


Well, that was our plan but actually we, (me and Jeanette) took a tandem bicycle in crazy rain and thunder and we looked for kangaroo in almost every restaurant in Manly, we find it on one, but it cost 30 dollars, (210 kr) so we went to Burger Me that should have it. We ordered it and then she said it was only one left, so we had to split that one. Australia, where are all the kangaroo meat? When I came here I thought it was common, that everyone ate it all the time but now I know that’s not the case.


We got a chance to take some pics at the kayaks at least


Fight for it or maybe give up!?


The international college of Manly, pretty powerful building


Can I look more like a dork!?


Beatiful view at Manly. Maybe it was worth the heavy rain and the thunder after all!?





Kangaroo, doesn't look that good huh? I liked it though


After cycled in pouring rain


A nordic shop. Abba fishballs, Marabou (swedish chocolate) - best chocolate ever. Julmust, (root beer) and so on.



After rain there is sunshine, isn't that what they say!? It sure was:)



The plan was to go to a restaurant close to Sydney tour and take a drink but then we met some guys that were dressed up as the cartoons in South Park and a Police, they had been at a work party. They were going to the Ivy so we reconsidered and went there, to the pool area of course. And this time, some of the girls actually danced in the pool.




Me and Jeanette went to Ikea last Saturday. When we went off the train two different people said how we should walk and that we couldn’t miss it. We didn’t either but we could definitely. They said, just walk straight and you will see it but we didn’t see it. Then I wanted to check out a store in a shopping centre and inside there we could see signs to Ikea but non outside. So weird, Ikea was inside a shopping centre, it should be by itself, HELLO!? I bought some Christmas presents to the family and Swedish herring and glogg, (mulled wine) – a Christmas drink with a lot of spices.





Next April I am going to Vietnam with Jeanette, Emelie and Amy. We are going to Hanoi first and then Ho Chi Min. Then we are going to either Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok. Looking forward to it.


One more house, thanks Lachlan!

Lachlan Murdoch, the man that owns the house I live in, has bought a little white summerhouse beside our house. So this week a will be able to go there to if I want to. Crazy!

Some information about the man that owns the houses:

Lachlan Keith Murdoch (born September 8, 1971), is the elder son of media mogul, Rupert Murdoch and the former Anna Torv. He resigned from his executive positions at News Corporation on 29 July 2005. However, Lachlan is still on the Board of Directors at NewsCorp and is a company consultant. Subsequently, younger brother James Murdoch is now viewed as his father's heir-apparent by the press. Their sister Elisabeth Murdoch, an able businesswoman in her own right, is married to publicity wizard Matthew Freud. Lachlan is married to Sarah Murdoch. (Wikipedia)

He bought the house I am living in for 23 million dollars, ( 156 miljoner kronor). Crazy!!


Some extra photos. Funny ones!

Yeah, my towel went into the pool. That what is happining when u leave the pool in Bellevue Hill, very windy!!



Wish u were a girl sometimes, haha


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