Blue Mountains and first time surfing<3

How do u know?

After taking a coffee with Jeanette in the city I met Rachel and we walked around in Hyde Park just talking about life. I was thinking that I wanted to see a movie and the second I was going to ask Rachel she said: “You wanna see a movie?”. It must be faith, haha.

We didn’t know what movie we should see but we decided to see How do you know with Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd and Jack Nicholson, four really good actors/actresses. We were late and had to go inside the cinema when everyone already had sat down and enjoying the beginning of the movie. Of course Rachel went from the “wrong” side where we had to ask everyone to stand up. One old man wasn’t so happy. Oh, come on, you Australians are never on time. The movie was really good. I laughed almost all the time, so funny but also romantic. You gotta see it!




Planning going out but ended up in a cosy backyard

Me and the girls went to Josefin, another Swedish Au-Pair that lives with a Swedish family. We were planning to go out but we got so interested in hearing about Josefins host mum and her best friend, (who were visiting from Sweden), lives that we ended up sitting there till 5 o’clock. Or at least I went home that time. It was so cosy. We ate Swedish Marang Swish and cardamom cake and drank wine. Josefins host mum and her friend were so funny. They talked about their relationships and about their life, so nice talking with elder woman, they have much experience.



Toprecord- 45 degrees

At Saturday it was top record heat with 45 degrees. It felt like a joke when I went out that morning. IT WAS SO HOT! It was dripping sweat from you, so unpleasant. The funny thing is that the day after it was sometimes just 17 degress, so weird. The temperature just drops 28 degrees. Global warming I call it! Crazy!



Blue mountains- Roadtrip in a cab

Me, Jeanette, Amy and Josefin were going to Blue Mountains early at Sunday morning. We borrowed Josefin families cab. First we went to some caves and then to the mountains. It was really beautiful and it is something I really recommend people to see when they are going to Sydney. I’ve been to Grand Canyon in America so for me it was lovely but Grand Canyon is just a bit better and extraordinary. Something you need to see before you die.
















































Walking on the Harbour Bridge


Finally, after being here almost 4 months I decided that I just had to walk on the Harbour Bridge, the whole bridge, back and forth. It was an amazing view from there, really gorgeous.



















Believe it or not but I am going to skydive with the girls. It is going to be crazy! OMG!


First time surfing

Today, I surfed for the first time in my life at Bondi Beach. It was so much fun!! Funnier than I thought it would be. I thought it was going to be like the first time you skii or something like that, like really hard at the beginning and that you just get pissed of because you can't do it right away. But with surfing you just lay on the board and catch the waves when you are a beginner, or stand on your knees. You have to try it!!




Love / Sophia

Postat av: Anonym

skydiving huh? hur gick det??

2011-02-15 @ 01:18:10
Postat av: Sosyaussie

Jajeman! las mitt senaste inlagg sa star det massa om det dar:)

2011-02-22 @ 04:14:28

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