Skydiving/ Fallskarmshoppning! Let's go!

“You can’t eat that cake girls!” (at opera bar)

Me and Jeanette were at opera bar and we had just bought cocktails and were standing by a bar table. On the bar table there was two drinks nobody had touched and wedges and there was also a box with a congratulations cake. It looked really good and we had been standing there for a long time and nobody came back to eat the cake. So, we were thinking. It’s a vaised to just let it stand there. So, I tasted the cake and it was really good. “Maybe I should take some more”, I thought. After standing there and giggling and feeling like living on the edge, haha, a security guard came up to us and said with a dark voice. “Girls, you can’t eat that cake”. AND THEN HE THREW IT IN A BIN. WHAT AN ASSHOLE! Couldn't he just let to innocent girls eat the f* cake. We were so chocked and didn’t understand anything. So weird and funny!


Meeting Alisha, an American girl.

At Saturday, me, Jeanette and Rach met up with Alisha, an American girl. At the opera bar the day before a guy told me I had an Australian accent and that he thought I was from here. That really made me happy because I love Sydney and I felt like home but after meeting Alisha my American accent definitely came back. I felt like an American young girl all of a sudden. Alisha is a really sweet girl with a lot of energy and very outgoing, just like America, love it.




Moving in Party in Bondi and first time swimming in Bondi Beach by night

My friend Maria from Sweden and her flatmates moved to Bondi at Saturday so they were having a moving in party. Emelie also knows one of the girls, Anna, from home. It’s so weird that me and Emelie know each other and I know Maria and she knows Anna and Anna and Maria are living together, funny. I had a really good time and met really nice people. Some of us decided to take a swim during the night, it was crazy, so much fun.










Valentines Day

At Valentines Day we were thinking about seeing an outside cinema but the tickets were of course sold out so we sat outside for a while but it was a French movie so we didn’t understand anything, we couldn’t see the translate, funny. So instead, we met up with some other friends at Bondi Beach Bar. After that we went to Bondi Beach Road Hotel where some of us played pool. We ended up playing with a German guy, a Japanese girl and an Australian guy, really nice people. So, this Saturday we are going at a party at their house with free bbq and booze. I found one of the guys really handsome as well:)








Aquarium with Emelie

At Thursday I joined Emelie and Killian, the boy she is babysitting, at the aquarium. We didn’t have to pay because Emelies hostfamily had cards to get in. If I would have to pay it would absolutely not be worth the money. Universeum in Gothenburg is way more better. But we had a great time anyway and Killian is so cute.






Can Killian look more cute/funny!? How does he do that with his mouth?


Skydiving / Fallskarmshoppning

So, what am I going to do today, (Saturday), hm, maybe jump out from a plane. Yes, that’s exactly what I did. Me and Jeanette got picked up by bus from the city and we had to sign a lot of papers. The most scary part was that we had to sign this: Read the first one!!



































But when you think about it. It is more people who die or get injuries in car accidents.

I jumped with a 75 year old guy and Jeanette with a woman, no young god looking guys, nono:). The one I jumped with had done skydiving for 45 years, that is crazy! The thing I was most afraid of was to get a heart attack. The most scary part was the moment you were standing on the edge, waiting to jump, and the moment when you took the step out but otherwise it wasn’t that scary. I had really high expectations that I would get a high kick and rush but besides that scary moments it wasn’t that big of a deal.

First you were just falling, the free fall. 200 km/h. It was so fast and so much pressure that it was a little bit hard to enjoy it but it was a really cool feeling though. I like the part when the parachute came out, it was like a relief, and it was really relaxing. You were floating in the air, a great feeling. Many people would maybe think it’s weird that it’s relaxing but the last part is. The free fall and the last part is very different. I have a video and a lots of photos as well. Even if it is kind of expensive I really recommend it. It’s one in a life time thing and it is awesome, crazy, fun, cool, a little bit scary, relaxing and amazing. JUST DO IT!!

At the evening I celebrated a bit by going to a house party in Bondi with bbq and wine;)

Mimmi, I saw u had a photo with this picture at FB. This is for u!!<3 (took this photo at the house party)

Scold a woman at the skydiving

At the skydiving place I did something I never really done before. I scold a woman. Me and Jeanette were going to buy food at this skydiving place. It was really disorganized and there was one woman that made the food and one that was taking charge but she was walking around and it was almost impossible to get contact with her. Jeanette asked if they had some kind of menu because it was just food laying on a table and you didn’t really know what kind of food they were making. The one who took charge was really unpleasant and didn’t wanted to help. She said something back like: “no, we don’t and just waved like, get away from here”. And then I asked what you could eat and used my body language, as you do when you speak, and she commented it, and said something like, omg, relax and rolled her eyes. Me and Jeanette didn’t understand anything, what was this woman problem?

Then I said what I wanted and asked how much it would cost me but she didn’t wanted to help me so me and Jeanette just walked away, we didn’t care anymore. But then when she was gone I went to her colleague instead and it went fine. But then she came back and said things like, are you back know, rolling with her eyes again and you are so annoying and stuff. First I just tried to avoid her but then I felt like that was enough. There are limits to how you can behave. So, I started to scold her. “How can you treat your costumers like this. You are here to help them and not to scare them away. YOU ARE SUCH A BITCH!" And it felt really good saying it, because she really was. She got a little bit chocked and said something quietly like, “you are so annoying”.

When me and Jeanette been sitting and eating our food for a while she came to be and APOLOGIZED to me. “I am so sorry, I was very stressed and I really don’t want to ruin your holiday, so sorry”. She was a complete different person and getting that apologize made me feel like there is hope for humans after all;) Even if I don’t know if she did it because someone asked her to, or were afraid I would get her fired or if she really meant it, she still did it and that made me realize that being true and say what you feel about others can make them change, or at least make them think, or you don’t get shit from people at least. So, please, when someone is crossing the line, tell them. If nobody will, they will stay the same, for sure.


Coogee with Rach

After meeting Jack at Bondi Junction for a while I went to Coogee to meet Rachel. She had been at some meditation/dancing/singing/open your soul kind of workshop, it sounded really cool. We were swimming and laying at Coogee Beach and then we went to a fancy restaurant, like we always do;) We found a really lovely place. One of those places were it feels like you are really overseas. Me and Rach have always so much to talk about which I really like.




Extra photos:


Why do Australians always do this? Heard it's some gay thing!?




Love / Sophia

Postat av: johanna

nej vad häftigt att du hoppat fallskärm!!!! jag vill också göra det! förresten är det inte charlotta på sista bilden, som vi var på malta med? :)

2011-02-21 @ 12:56:03
Postat av: Sosyaussie

hej sotnos! du maste gora det, helt underbart! jo, det ar det, tro det eller ej men man traffar sjukt mkt svenskar har, speciellt i Bondi dar jag bor. Hon ar har med sin pojkvan! pussar<3

2011-02-22 @ 04:17:09
Postat av: Mimmi

Tack för den fina bilden hjärtat! :) Saknar dig sjuktligt mycket, du anar inte. även om jag är trög seg o sjukt dålig på att kommentera läser jag allt du skriver!! :) har fixat skype.. ja, sådär liiiite efter men hur som helst... Hoppas vi kan snacka snart. Love you girl!

och du.. skogrejen är att det finns droger för salu i närheten ;)

2011-02-24 @ 21:57:03

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