Important having insurance!!

Important having insurance

Back home in Sweden I almost never go to the doctor, I’m a very healthy girl, haha. I been having a little bad luck here in Aussie though because at home I get all for free but not here. That’s why it’s so important having an insurance, it can cost a lot not having one. When I took out my tooth it cost me about 500 euros and going to the doctor for about 2 minutes cost 425 kr, like 43 euros. I mean, what if you got really sick and need to visit a doctor very often!? You need insurance! There is a card here you can get for free I think, it’s called Medicare, it doesn’t cover going to the dentist though so it’s always good having another one. Check it up before you go to another country. I have Lansforsakringar!


Havn’t been that homesick until I skyped with my friends!

The reasons why I havn’t been homesick is probably because this is something I really wanted to do, were excited and positive about it, have met great Swedish people and love Sydney but when my friend started to cry on skype, saying I MISS U I, really felt like going home and meet my closest friends and family that I care so much about and love. Oh, MISS U GUYS!


Meeting a Swedish friend from home, funny!

When I say Maria across the road, haha, sounds like a romantic story. No, but seriously it felt like I was back in Gothenburg. Or it felt very surreal because she was there but not Gothenburg. We were going to see a outside cinema in the Botanical Gardens but when we went there we couldn’t come in, first time I couldn’t come in anywhere in Sydney;) It was closed. We walked around the Botanical Gardens more than once. Then somebody told us we had to be there at 8 to get in. There were no signs, nothing. So, we went to Gloria Jeans café of course;)


Australia Day

In the morning we watched Amy when she broke the world record by floating on a big thong in the water with 2067 other people.

Then we were a bunch of girls going to the Spanish Chocolate café just sitting there all afternoon, it was lovely. Met two more Swedish girls, one from Blekinge and one from Karlstad.






Black Swan and the three musketeers


At Friday night me, Jeanette and Rachel saw Black Swan at the cinema at George Street with Natalie Portman as the leading roll. Natalie, (Nina), is a ballet dancer who gets the part in the Ballet show, Black Swan. She has a mother that also wanted to be a great ballet dancer but had to give it up because of Nina so now Nina feels she has to make it up for her mother. It’s an amazing movie, it was never boring, full on all the time.

Afterwards we went to Scary Canarian, a backpacking dance/pub place that are really fun, they have great music and you meet people from all over the world. I met three Swedish guys and we went to Oxford street. They didn’t know anything about Sydney so I felt like a guide for the first time in Sydney. We were supposed to go somewhere but we ended up just standing on the street laughing and talking. One of the guys was soo funny, he should really be a comedian. You were all funny and great guys though;) I promised to write about them in my blog and now I have, congratz guys.


Rach was going to taste the new frosen Coke with some strawberry flavour. This is how it turned out to be, so funny!



At Scary Canaryan



Bumping in to Rachel

At Saturday I first had to go to the Doctor because I have some kind of allergic reaction, which sucks. I been to the doctor before and got a cream but it didn’t work but now I got a new one so I really hope it will disappear. Anyway, after being there I went to Bondi Beach to check out a bikini and I knew that Rachel would be there so I were just about to call her and she walk infront of me. I said Rachel and she could see me calling her on her phone, so funny. I was like, what the fuck, didn’t you see me and she was like no what the fuck, no, then I would have stopped you. So we ended up going to a café, a great backyard garden restaurant eating dinner and drinking wine and then moving on to my place. And today, Sunday, we just been laying in the sun and swimming in the pool.








Jeanette is moving to Bellevue Hill

One thing that is great is that Jeanette is moving really close to me so we can meet much more often. She is not an au-pair anymore so she will live here and work somewhere in Bondi Beach probably.



Different photos around Sydney


Jack swimming in Bondi Beach


A man playing Spanish music in Hyde Park



Before going out in New Town



Time passing is something I really hate, who wants the countdown to year 2012!? DISLIKE!!










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