Oysters and David Guetta

Day in Bail Main

I met Jack, (the guy who loves Sweden), in Bail Main. We went to a pub and Jack bought us wedges with sour cream and dip sauce, it was so good, have to try it again. We also played billiards which I really like, it’s so much fun. We had also eaten sushi, sushi is great, it’s like a drug to me.

Talking about drugs, I saw a movie with Rachel, (the irish girl), called Love and other drugs, a romantic comedy with Jake Gyllehaal and Anne Hathaway, it was really good, you have to see it. They both played really good. Usually I don’t think Anne is such a good actor but she was really good in this one and you guys who don’t want to see a romantic movie, it’s a lot of sex in it so you will like it as well;)




Oysters and David Guetta

On New Years Eve I tried oysters with lemon for the first time. Well, I have eaten them cooked before but not raw. I thought it was pretty good, it didn’t taste that much. I don’t think I could eat it that often but sometimes. Everybody says it tastes like saltwater but I didn’t think so, hm.

Me and the girls were at a pre-party at some Australians apartment in Bondi. Then we went to Sure Thing, a house festival we had bought ticket to, Armand Van Helden and David Guetta played. It was really fun when you sang to the songs you  recognized. I love techno but a whole evening with just techno can be too much. I didn’t really think it was worth the money but I am not the typical festival girl either. I went to bed 7 o’clock in the morning, saw the sunrise.








Gotta love lips




Can u tell it's New Years Eve!? I sure can!





Some photos I took at around 7 am New Years Day, Bellevue Hill










Clovelly beach

Me, Emelie and Rachel were at Clovelly Beach last Sunday. We were snorkeling in the water. Wasn’t as good as in Thailand though but much better than in Sweden, haha. Of course it depends on where you are snorkeling though.




Me and Emelie doing the city - A gay and lesbian arraignment


Love this belief, something I also believe in




Can this man be more gorgeous?


Addicted to Chocolate, addicted to Coffee= Addicted to Cafe Moccha



Me and Rachel at an Italian restaurant

Me and Rach met at Bondi Beach and decided to go and have dinner together. We ended up at a lovely Italian restaurant. Rach ordered lasagne, garlic bread and coke zero. I never understand people who order coke and take the coke zero or diet coke, if you gonna drink coke, drink the original one. I ordered some kind of Bolognese with tagliatelle, my favourite pasta., and wine. We also ate a delicious dessert, don’t remember the name but it was some kind of white mousse in a crispy bread thing, amasing.

We talked a lot about sex, really fun actually, we were afraid someone would say: seriously, we are eating here, haha. I read this book called Why men don’t have a clue and why women always need more shoes. It’s about differences between men and women, how we think differently and why, it’s very interesting actually. Girls, here is a joke from the book: What should you say to a guy that just had sex? Nothing, he’s asleep. So funny!!

Rach is also very interested in psychology as me so I really enjoy talking to her, she has studied it as well and are very clever. Rach is a great irish girl! We also talk a lot about the differences between different cultures, mostly differences between Sweden, Irland and Australia of course and I agree with what Rachel said that you are suppose to travel for stop having prejudices but instead you get to really discover them and many are so true. Like aussie guys don’t like having a shirt on and are very laid back and Irish people drink a lot and are very funny and Swedish people are beautiful, hahaha. Fucking beautiful as an Irish person would say;)


Two parties in the same house

Last Friday, me and Rachel went to a party with some guys I played pool with at tea garden, a pub. Most of the guys were from Irland. We played king, a drinking game, very funny, or maybe not for everyone;) Later that night some guys that lived on the second floor came over and I liked them much better, haha. So the next day we were at a party at their place instead, pretty funny.

Scissor as an antenn, so backpacking style





My favourite café

I have never really liked reading books, probably because my mum always nagged about reading them, but now I really enjoy it and there is this café in Bondi that is so great. They have great food, coffee and a good crowd but the big thing with this café is that it is like a library, they have all different kinds of books, right now I am into self help, psychology and spiritual books. I am addicted to this café, to sushi and moccha. So, you can just choose a book and read when you are drinking your coffee and even by it cheap if you want to.


Addicted to Sushi

Love this Cafe


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