Second Working Holiday Visa - Stupid!!

You have to work three months at a farm for getting a Second Working Holiday Visa, STUPID!!

I really want to be able to come back to Australia and work here but then I have to work three months at a farm out in the bush somewhere, (and you have to do it before your first Working Holiday Visa expires, the first one is on one year), and then the Second Working Holiday Visa is only one year as well.


I think this rule is ridicules because I think there should be more than one option. I would actually think it would be a bit scary to work like that by myself. One of my Swedish friends are at a farm right now and he lives with 7 Indians and one Turkish guy, very funny, but I mean, a 19 year old girl living with them, not very fun. I don’t say it couldn’t be but my prejudices say so. But maybe you live separately girls and boys but even if you do that, a bit scary.


I also think it’s stupid because maybe you have to go home to a job you have in Sweden and don’t have the time to do it exactly that year or maybe you didn’t know about this, go home, and then you can’t come back because they say that you had to do it before your first Visa expires. The most reactions when I tell people about this think it’s weird. Thank you EU that it’s easier to work in those countries but I think US and especially Australia is the best parts and then you kind of have to get married, stupid!!

So, should I do this or not, I don’t know yet.


Well, I am maybe not this happy about the Second Working Holiday Visa




Ice berg


For the first time in my life I sat by myself in a bar, the Ice Berg bar, a little bit proud actually. It has a view over whole Bondi Beach, it’s amazing. A girl from US started to talk to me, a very kind and sweet girl. She was here at holiday and work with politics back home. Later came Amy but I didn’t know if she could come until I had been sitting there for a while. We had many things to catch up on and talk about, girls, you know.




Paddington market

I have never been at a better market! It was so cosy, calm, organized, well done, great atmosphere and you just wanted to buy everything. A little bit expensive but it was worth it.






Photos from new friends 67 Edward Street and a night out in Coogee


Going out means taking your brought bike indoor





Were at a spanish chocolate cafe with Rachel, soo good.


Love / Sosyaussie


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