Sailing trip, St Patricks Day, 21 birthday party......

Sailing trip on the Harbour

At Friday evening, (11 of March), me, Emelie, Jeanette and Sussie, (Sussie is another Swedish girl that I met through Maria, a girl I know back from home), were going out sailing with some Aussie folks. We were a really nice crowd and met a lot of fun people. We sailed to Watsons Bay where we ordered lobster, prawns, octopus and so on, it was sooooo good. We had such a lovely evening listing to great music and seeing the Harbour Bridge and opera house from our boat, couldn’t be better. Some of us also slept on the boat and ate good breakfast at a restaurant the day after.



Petty good like Christian, (the three year old I am babysitting always says)

This was a guestlist to a sailing club but after few drinks at the boat I thought it was way more funny to write: "Sweden is the best, SWEDEN<3", I saw this the day after when I was going to the same restaurant/sailing club place and what I thought it was funny!!

Three drinks I really like at the moment

Raspberry caipirinha, passionfruit caipirinha and mixed berry caipirinha. Caipirinha it is! Yum!

Dinner with moi girls

Me and moi girls met in Bondi to have a “last dinner” all together because Jeanette is now traveling in Australia. We were going to a really nice restaurant named Max but they were renovating so we went to a thai restaurant instead, thai food is one of my favourite. After the dinner it was only me, Jeanette and Rachel left and we got all emotional because it was the last time that Jeanette and Rachel were meeting each other in Australia, it S*CK*!, and it’s just four days left and then Rach is going back to Ireland, it S*CK*. I will meet Jeanette again though because we are going to travel in Asia together.





Say whaaaaat!!?


Going back to Australia!

I am really going to come back to Australia and Sydney. I feel a little bit sad that I will leave Aussie without traveling around but I will definitely come back and “when you are waiting for something good you are never waiting to long”.

Parents involved in three incidents

My parents have been having a bit bad luck with their traveling but we just laugh about it, it’s pretty funny in one way. First, they missed their flight because Lufthansa were delayed so they had to stay one night in Frankfurt. Then when they were in Frankfurt it was bomb treat and last incident was in Melbourne where the fire alarm at their hotel started to sound and a voice were saying “evacuate immediately”. So, they were running outside in pyjamas and the fireman came immediately. It was a man who had smoked inside and it would start to burn if the fireman didn’t arrive in time. He had to pay 3000 dollars, (21 000 kr). I wonder what is happening next:0


St Patricks Day

St Patricks Day is the “Irish” day and of course I had to celebrate it with my Irish friend Rachel. We had so much fun! We went to Cock and Bull, a famous Irish pub in Bondi, it was crowded. In the beginning it wasn’t that fun because we had to wait for sooooo long to get something to drink but after that I met so many fun people. Actually I couldn’t find Rachel and everyone I was coming there with but I met guys from Brazil, France and Ireland and Australia of course. Fabulous night!


Yeah, u get a bit tired after St Patricks Day!!

Alisha turning 21

At Saturday I was at Bungalow 8, bar/night club in Darling Harbour to celebrate Alisha, the girl from United States. The funny thing was that I was going to meet a guy from the night we were sailing before Alisha’s birthday party and he said: “Do u wanna meet at Bungalow 8?” and I was like yeah sure, that’s were my friends birthday party are going to be tonight. So I was there from about 6pm to 2am. What a fun night!


Afterparty at a beautiful appartment with a beautiful view

Saying goodbye to Rachel, SOOOOOOOO sad!!

I was meeting Rachel at Gloria Jeans close to Town Hall for a last coffee time. We had such a good time, as usual. She is such an amazing girl. Rachel, u already know this because I’ve told you many times but you are an inspiring, humorous, giving, understandable, crazy, fun, alive and wonderful person. We can talk about so many things and I have never had a boring moment with you. I love u! I didn’t cry when I left you because I can’t be sad around you, you just make me feel happy and alive and it still feels like you are here with me and that I can meet you soon. When I saw your bus leaving I started to cry though but then I thought about you again and got happy again and it felt like you were close to me. Oh god, haha, sounds like I’m in love with you Rach;) haha! But as we say, we need the…..;)


Emelie not coming home after playdate

Emelie and Kilian came over to our house for a playdate but when she was going to go home it was pouring down so she couldn’t leave. When she was talking with here host family they decided that she had to take a taxi but it didn’t came so Lynda, my hostmum, said she could drive her home. So much drama for being a ordinary day, haha.


Some Fun Extra photos!

Horses at Bondi Beach, a bit weird!!

You are both very cute here, look like siblings!

Petty cute!!

Not so cute anymore, shit, here comes Johnny!!

Visited Palm Beach with my parents

So disgusting!! This is for scratching your back, uhh!

Love / Sosyaussie


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